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The Port of Liverpool: How is your logistics operation in PLAN?

Meeting delivery times, having a greater capacity for receiving, storing and distributing products are possible with the new Big Ticket ship The Port of Liverpool has everything ready to operate at a capacity of 80% its Big Ticket ship in the Arco Norte Logistics Platform (PLAN) to supply the products to the client for the end of the year and Good End season. The warehouse for storage has a cross dock type layout so that the merchandise arrives from one side, is stored and distributed. The objective is to maximize the length of the warehouse, which is 750 meters. During the media tour of the Cedis, Gerardo Rangel, PLAN Logistics Director, mentioned that the move from Huehuetoca to PLAN involved migrating the entire operation and measuring KPIs such as: Compliance with the delivery schedule. Efficiency in cost per part. Merchandise loss. Rangel explained that there were important changes because "in the Huehuetoca building we had vertical storage and we realized that speed is important, sometimes the furniture could be hit with the movement." Now, at PLAN it has three types of storage: racks, on the floor and high value for the categories of furniture, mattresses, tires, motorcycles, white and black line. Operation keys in PLAN 99.9% of the destination is a regional warehouse where the platform is crossed and the merchandise goes to a store or to a customer. The inventory in PLAN is transitory because the real inventory is in the stores. The merchandise is received on one side of the warehouse in the 120 curtains and dispatched through another 120 curtains located on the other side of the warehouse. In low season it takes 2 to 4 days to move the goods and in high season from 4 to 7 days, it is the total time in the network (what is offered to customers). Depending on where the merchandise arrives, it is the time of arrival anticipation, for example, if it is national, it is seven days and if it is imported, it is approximately four months.

Where do the products come from to PLAN?

From this national Cedis the Big Ticket products that are distributed from El Puerto de Liverpool, Boutiques and Suburbia are condensed.

The director of PLAN Logistics details that the national supplier is supported because in addition to growing together with the community, as a retail chain they have the opportunity to have better delivery times, departure times and guarantee times.

PLAN of the Port of Liverpool in data

The nave at the highest point is 17 meters high and the lowest is 13 meters on the banks with a concave roof.

The length of the ship, which is 750 meters and the width is 300 meters, this allows the distance that the merchandise travels to be small.

Practically between 70 and 80% of the land is unbuilt.

It is a land of 195 hectares.

70% reduction in electricity consumption.

The engineering design is designed so that all the lamps are in the middle of the corridor and are always 100% illuminated.

Drinking water is stored in the tanks and also the fire projection system, which is designed to serve the entire park, even in the future considering that there could be up to five warehouses and it serves one of the warehouses.

The second stage of the project, which is the softline warehouse, has already begun.

Residual water treatment plant.

Construction of five kilometers of internal roads.

“We have a container for rainwater (Lamination Raft) and it serves the purpose of storing the water that comes from the rain and we can distribute that water to neighboring ranches.

Here is a risk district so we accumulate it and continue distributing it to them”, explained Alexis Labrada, director of the Projects Office of El Puerto de Liverpool.

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