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Learn about our history.

At your service for all your logistics operations.

A road without borders.

We make the whole world know your business. We move your cargo without limits from and to wherever you want.

Our team of  experts will study your business in detail to understand your needs and develop practical and effective options to transport your  commodity. 

Image by Rhys Moult

  Always a yes   to all your logistics operations

The logistics system that adjusts to your  needs   awaits you

  Wherever you want 
and as you want


the team

Andrea Bojorquez

sales manager

81 2194 4982

Mellisa Marroquin

operations manager

81 2322 8403

Hysa Forwarders Office

  • How to request more information?
    We are just one click away, we have several contact methods: Tel. 81 3902 6495 WhatsApp 81 2322 8403 Or you can also email us to or request more information directly in this chat on our website.
  • What services do we offer?
    At Hysa Forwarders we specialize in imports and exports, national or international cargo movement, whether by land, air, sea, multimodal and more. *We have a marketer and customs brokers at the main customs offices. In addition, we have specific standards to import or export any product that your company requires, to and from any part of the world.
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