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Air Transport

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Did you know that there are 11 interior customs in Mexico, where you can move your merchandise. If time is a problem for your company, you should take advantage of the enormous advantages in terms of time, which the plane has. Air transport is recommended when your merchandise is of high value and needs greater security or special treatment.


Transportation for the import and export of your merchandise

We also have a customs agent for your shipments.

Types of Air Cargo


Urgent Goods

Deliveries such as parcels use this method, since they have a time or delivery period, so delivering by ship or by land could increase the costs of merchandise warehouses.



This industry is the one that uses this medium the most, due to the urgent nature of these products, many must maintain a certain temperature to continue to be effective.


High-end merchandise

Due to their high cost, these products, such as electronic components, are treated in a special way, preventing their components from being ruined during the journey.


Large Volume Merchandise

There are cargo planes that are used exclusively for this medium, such as the Antonov 225 model, which has modified entrances for this purpose.


Perishable Goods

Products such as meat, fish, dairy, fruits and vegetables fall into this category. Like flowers, seeds and plants.


Goods with a Destination Difficult to Access

Air transport is designed to reach the most complicated areas, such as places with a height, natural condition or difficult terrain for land transport.

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We transport your cargo from, to anywhere in the world

At Hysa Forwarders we offer our clients a comprehensive logistics service that includes advice on their shipments by air transport.

Plane on Runway

We have specific standards to move any type of merchandise such as dangerous, textile, automotive, machinery, fuel, tequila and more.

Let's cross borders together!

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