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Welcome to our Hysa Customs Services section. At Hysa we understand the importance of efficient and accurate customs management for the success of your international business operations. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the customs field, we are here to provide you with comprehensive solutions that allow you to navigate the complex customs processes smoothly.


Customs agent for the import and export of your merchandise

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Customs services we offer:


Advice on tariff classification

Our team will provide you with specialized advice to determine the correct tariff classification of your products, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and facilitating customs procedures.


Customs clearance management

Hysa is in charge of managing and expediting the customs clearance process on behalf of your company, ensuring compliance with all customs formalities and minimizing waiting times at customs.


Compliance with customs regulations

We make sure that your commercial operations comply with all applicable customs regulations and regulations, avoiding delays and possible sanctions.


Preparation of customs documents

We take care of the precise and complete preparation of the necessary documents for your customs operations, such as the commercial invoice, the packing list and other specific requirements depending on the country of origin and destination.


Import and export procedures

We provide you with comprehensive support in import and export procedures, from the preparation of the required documentation to the logistics coordination for the transport and delivery of your merchandise internationally.


customs consultancy

In addition to the specific services mentioned, we offer personalized customs consultancy, where you can receive strategic advice and solutions adapted to your specific needs in the customs field.

Mexico has various strategic customs for international trade.

Among the main customs are Mexico City, Lázaro Cárdenas, Monterrey, Veracruz, Altamira, Nuevo Laredo, Manzanillo, Reynosa, Monterrey, Tijuana and Guadalajara. These customs are key points for the flow of goods, both by sea and land, and are fundamental in trade between Mexico and other countries. Strategically located at ports, airports and borders, these customs offices facilitate the import and export of goods, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and contributing to the country's economic growth.

We transport your cargo from, to and within Mexico

We provide solutions to YOUR measure, we have customs agents in the main maritime, air and land customs.


We also have specific standards to move any type of merchandise such as dangerous, textile, automotive, machinery, fuel, tequila and more.

Let's cross borders together!

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