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Logistics for the Transportation of Wines and Spirits - Hysa Forwarders

At Hysa Forwarders we move your cargo to and from anywhere in the world, specialists in wines and spirits. Export or Import in the easiest way and by specialists. Here we explain in more detail everything you need to know.

export alcohol to mexico

Import of Wines and Spirits in Mexico

Unlike other perishable products, the regulations to introduce wines into Mexico do not limit the name of the brands that you can enter the country, however, there are specific documents that are necessary to import this type of merchandise.

In order to import wine to Mexico, the first step is to have the necessary basic requirements, which are:

  • Registration to the register of importers. Indispensable for natural or legal persons who intend to import merchandise into national territory.

  • Registration to the register of taxpayers of alcoholic beverages in the RFC. Which is presented by importers of alcohol, denatured alcohol, non-crystallizable honey and alcoholic beverages.

  • Certificate of free sale and consumption. It is the authorization of the brand or production house for the exploitation of the product in the Mexican market.

  • Certificate of analysis and health registration. The Mexican government requires that all brands meet a certified quality and health standard. Document issued by each country and it is the manufacturer who provides it.

In the case of wines, the designation of origin (DO) itself carries this seal of quality.

  • International Phytosanitary Certificate (IFC). This document validates that the product is free of added pesticides or chemicals.

  • Certificate corresponding to the classification of the origin of the product from which it is imported. If there is a trade agreement or Free Trade Agreement, it is the document where the tariff conditions are established.

  • Payment of Special Tax on Production and Services to the Introduction to the Territory of Mexico (IEPS). Where the amount to be paid is determined with the certificate of analysis and sanitary registration, which keeps the record of the alcohol graduation that determines the tariff classification.

  • Export Certificate. Document that supports that the winery is certified to be able to export its products.

Export of Wines and Spirits in Mexico

The export of mezcal in Mexico is one of the most important commercial activities in our country.

The first thing you must have on hand to export this drink abroad are the following requirements:

  • Export Commercial Invoice

  • Proforma invoice (if required)

  • commission conferred

  • Letter of instructions to the customs agent

  • Packing list

  • Transport document

  • Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC)

  • Trade mark

  • tags

  • Sectoral register of exporters

  • International Phytosanitary Certificate

To export tequila, it is essential to go to the Tequila Regulatory Council to obtain a certificate of authenticity, since Mexican customs, without exception, request the original documents (and copies) of the Tequila Export Certificate.

Types of International Transport for your Wines and Spirits

Choose the best option for the transport of your wines and spirits by maritime transport:

Marine transport:

Full Container: Ideal for large loads of bottled or packaged products.

LCL maritime groupage: Perfect for when you need to send small quantities such as sending samples to any part of the world.

Flexitank: It is an innovative, efficient and safe system for the transport of liquids in bulk.

Air Transport:

Excellent for urgent shipments: stock for fairs, tastings or any delivery that you want to make in the minimum of time.

Ground transportation:

Agile and efficient for local collections and deliveries or to the United States, with dedicated services for sensitive or refrigerated products.

Customs Clearance for Wines and Spirits

At HYSA we not only take care of the transport of your liquors, we also have personalized advice so that you meet all your import or export requirements. We have the best customs agents in Mexico for the transfer of your wines and liquors.

Are you interested in taking the next step? Contact us by WhatsApp, and we will gladly help you with all your questions.

"Siempre un Sí a todas tus operaciones logísticas... bueno, casi a todas"

import and export wines and spirits mexico

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