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The impact of technology on logistics is undeniable; becoming a fundamental pillar to achieve a modern operation that responds to the challenges of visibility, efficiency and compliance that end consumers demand. Based on this reality, Logisfashion has opted to implement a hybrid technological ecosystem in order to leverage its growth and consolidate itself as a strategic partner for the players in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The changes that the logistics industry has faced have been enormous, generating new paradigms that lead the sector to face new scenarios. As a result of the pandemic, it became clear that in order to deploy a successful and efficient logistics operation, it is essential that customers have full visibility of all the processes that make up their logistics chain and data analytics regarding said links.

To be competitive in this new logistics scenario and respond to current operational challenges, there is a consensus that, today, it is almost impossible to conceive of logistics processes exempt from technological implementation and innovation. Thus, the incorporation of tools that allow greater efficiency and productivity at the operational level is an obligatory matter and Logisfashion, a logistics multinational specialized in fashion and lifestyle, has understood this as well, making this premise an essential pillar for its present and future growth.

The commitment of this logistics operator points to the development and growth leveraged in innovation and technology; reinforcing its operation with the aim of responding to the new logistical challenges and the demands of customers in the fashion industry, a highly complex sector with very specific requirements.


This technological and innovative approach, which distinguishes Logisfashion, has been promoted for a decade, accompanied by a philosophy of continuous improvement and operational excellence. Thus, from 2012 to date, the company has invested heavily in this area with a strategic vision of the future. . The multinational company has prepared itself to respond to the constant operational changes that its clients' supply chains have required; optimizing, making visible and making their processes more flexible.

The first step in this innovation and digitization policy was the migration of all its systems to "the cloud", having Microsoft as a technology partner and Azure as a cloud platform. This initial step concluded in 2017 with the creation of the Warehouse Management System LogisCore, a self-developed warehouse management system. As a result, today, the company can deploy its systems in any corner of the world thanks to the architecture of cloud systems and start new operations in a very short period of time (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS).

The WMS LogisCore has become the central support of the company's operation, providing real-time web connection throughout the logistics process. The tool also has an integrations module that facilitates the connection between systems; a "reporting" module to generate indicators and ratios of interest for the client; characteristics that aim at multiplatform operational integration, through a cloud storage scheme that facilitates the structure and implementation of the operation.

The “hybrid” technological outlook, based on alliances with world-class technology companies and on the development of solutions itself, have been a fundamental part of Logisfashion's growth policy; a path of change, with cloud-centric operating models becoming key components in modernizing enterprise IT environments.

In this regard, Gonzalo Martínez, CIO of Logisfashion, stated that: "Betting on developing our own WMS and cloud infrastructure 10 years ago has been key to situating us in the position we are in today and being able to address business growth, the internationalization, new markets in the way we have done it”.

Thus, IT development in logistics is a reality. The close relationship between the two sectors is undeniable, as it has become a source of development for logistics and a tremendous challenge for those who are lagging behind in innovation.


Logisfashion's end-to-end services are based on different platforms that integrate the different stages of the supply chain, integrating its own Logiscore WMS with Forwarding platforms to manage international transport operations and the LastMile app to connect with distribution and last mile management.

In a more advanced stage of this path, the multinational took a new leap towards the digitization of its processes with the implementation of Microsoft Synapse / Data Platform, giving value to data and information, providing intelligence to the business. Always focused on generating value, Logisfashion has continued with the innovation policy that, 10 years after the first milestone, has them working, for example, on industrial automation with the incorporation of AGVs and collaborative robots in their operation.

The company today presents itself as robust, flexible, with optimal services and a profitable operation, consolidating itself as an international logistics partner with omnichannel solutions throughout the entire supply chain.

Thus, in 2021, Logisfashion achieved the ISO 27001 certification (Information Security Management System) that guarantees compliance with the international standard that provides a framework for information security management systems (ISMS). in order to provide confidentiality, integrity and continued availability of information, as well as legal compliance.

The path followed by this logistics operator confirms that innovation has always been an essential part of the company, with technology being the pillar of growth, through robust, scalable and secure tools, capable of adapting to a sector as changing as fashion and e-Commerce, providing customers with: maximum process efficiency, the information and visibility they need, with end-to-end solutions.

Finally, this technological focus continues and for this the company invests 3% of its annual turnover in technology; infrastructure, hardware, own IT equipment, new developments and licences.

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