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Technology and logistics

A new Accenture study shows that more than three-quarters of logistics executives believe the sector has historically lagged behind in terms of digitization maturity. Despite this, 76% say that the pandemic has detected the importance of technological capabilities.

The sector is being shaken by rising fuel prices due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, heightened customer expectations, disruptive new entrants, the decarbonisation imperative and the growing threat of cybercrime.

With inflation going digital is essential, high-quality, integrated data will be needed to increase operational performance, provide transparency around sustainability metrics, and orchestrate end-to-end logistics.

To increase automation effectively, logistics companies should focus on data integration (95% of leading companies are advanced in this aspect); the promotion of workflow management systems (99% of leading companies are advanced); bidding and pricing systems (52%); and automatic billing (52%).

The potential is that logistics companies, through new technologies, optimize transport routes almost in real time and give all the companies involved detailed information on the status of deliveries, conditions and carbon footprint. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will help companies unlock trapped transportation capacity, driving efficiency and profitability.

This is how the accuracy and quality of data and logistics services are guaranteed.

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