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ROCKTRUCK Grows as an integral operator.

Electromobility stopped being a trend and became a reality in logistics. Its benefits are not only aimed at the operational or service sphere, but also responds to a global trend in terms of concern for climate change. RockTruck entered electromobility strongly with a light fleet, aiming at the flexibility of its solutions.

At a time when the last mile has become one of the main links -in a tremendously demanded logistics chain- awareness of its effects on the environment and on the development of cities is key, since it is essential to strengthen the relationship with the client and reinforce the service level of the company.

In this line, transport has strengthened its projects to reduce its CO2 emissions. Route optimization, adequate vehicle maintenance and correct driving are some of the actions that have contributed to this new vision; however, hand in hand with technological development and innovation, new solutions have been added, for example, electromobility.

In Chile, the topic of electromobility took off and several companies turned to this trend. Such is the case of RockTruck, an integral cargo transport operator, which entered the path of electromobility to respond to the last mile revolution.

RockTruck since the beginning of its operations in 2018 has focused on revolutionizing the logistics industry. Innovation is part of its DNA and has led the company to start a revolutionary process regarding the incorporation and penetration of electromobility in its operations, always with the objective of "delivering cargo from north to south in a timely manner". .


Felipe Oyarzo, deputy manager of RockTruck's Last Mile operations, referred to the good moment that this link in the chain is experiencing, in operational terms and that it has also generated new demands from customers and that "has forced us to be in line with changes, for example, with the constant need for flexibility”.

The key to your service is the ability to put together the logistics of your customers, often proposing solutions.

Thus, the consolidation of the company goes hand in hand with a dynamic, technological and close sustained growth; where electromobility gains value in the integral design of solutions to the new challenges of the sector.

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