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Hysa Forwarders Your Logistics Agent in México

We know that bureaucratic procedures do not go with you, at Hysa Forwarders we do it for you.

We make the whole world know your business. We move your load without limits from and to where you want.

Our team of experts will study your business in detail to understand your needs and develop practical and effective options to transport your merchandise.

We offer personalized service 24/7, preferential rates and security in your cargo. The efficiency you require.

empresa de transporte internacional mexico
hysa forwarders

"Always a YES, to all your logistics operations"

Import and export service for your business

From door to door we take care of transporting your cargo with the necessary protocols and procedures so that you can follow up on each step of the shipment. Whether by land, sea or air, Hysa Forwarders is the solution you need, a logistics company that offers ease, security and efficiency. Reducing risk and costs when carrying any type of merchandise. Well, almost everything.









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Specific standards that your business needs

At Hysa Forwarders we have specific or sectoral standards, so that your imports and exports are transported in the correct way.

In order to transport this type of merchandise, those merchandise classified in the specific sectors of the tariff fractions determined by the SHCP through rules must be registered in the Specific Sectors register, in order to prevent and detect practices that affect the productive sectors. of the country as well as to safeguard Public Health and National Security.

Here we leave you the list of sectors for specific Importers Sector Register:

1) chemicals

2) Radioactive and Nuclear

3) Chemical precursors and essential chemicals

4) Firearms and their parts, spare parts, accessories and ammunition

5) Explosives and explosive-related material

6) Chemical substances, materials for pyrotechnic uses and devices related to the use of explosives

7) Other weapons and accessories. bladed weapons and accessories

8) Machines, devices, devices and artifacts, related to weapons and other

9) cigars

10) Footwear

11) Textile and Clothing

12) Ethyl alcohol

13) Hydrocarbons

14) Steel

15) Steel Products

16) Automotive

Below is the specific list of sectors for the Sectorial Register of Exporters:

1) Alcohol, denatured alcohol and uncrystallizable honeys

2) beer

3) Tequila

4) Fermented alcoholic beverages (wines)

5) Distilled alcoholic beverages (liqueurs)

6) cigars and carved tobacco

7) Energy drinks, as well as concentrated powders and syrups to prepare energy drinks

8) Iron ores and their concentrates

9) Gold, silver and copper

10) Plastics

11) Rubber

12) Wood

13) Glass

14) iron and steel

15) Aluminum

If you want more information about this type of service, you can contact us directly by WhatsApp.

Main Customs in Mexico

We are a forwarder dedicated to providing solutions, advice and training in customs and foreign trade. We have the best network of customs agents and transport companies to handle your cargo.

We ensure the success of your operations with a comprehensive service that provides advice, intelligent management, guarantees compliance and creates value for your product.

In addition, we release your merchandise held in customs: DHL, FedEx, UPS, Estafeta. We have Customs clearance service at different airports in Mexico.

Remember that we have a register of Importers and a sectoral register, adapted to your needs. If you are a natural person, do not worry, we have a marketer to carry out all your imports.

Goodbye bureaucracy, hello Hysa.

Main Airports:

  • CD. Mexico

  • Monterrey

  • Guadalajara


  • Merida

  • Altamira

  • Veracruz

  • chamomile

  • Lazaro Cardenas

Border Customs:

  • Chetumal

  • Hidalgo City

  • Juarez City

  • Colombia

  • Nuevo Laredo

  • lieutenant lopez

  • Tijuana

aduanas mexico importaciones y exportaciones
aduanas principales

If you want more information about the import and export logistics services that we offer at Hysa, don't forget to visit our website.

"Always a YES, to all your logistics operations"

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