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Essentials for transporting fruit and vegetables

The transport of fruits and vegetables represents a challenge for companies in the agricultural sector. Mainly, because they must guarantee the optimal conservation of the products, taking care of ventilation, correct storage, temperature and safe transport until it is placed at the point of sale for the final consumer.

Fruits and vegetables are perishable foods that must comply with strict phytosanitary measures to guarantee the quality of the final product, ready for consumption. To transport products such as fruit and vegetables, it is important to find packaging that secures the merchandise and avoids shaking it, hitting it, or moving it that could damage it. For these cases, the use of plastic pallets is also recommended.

The transport time must be the minimum for a better conservation and delivery of the product.

Loading and unloading must be careful, in a short time, but safe, without damaging the product. For this, it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment, perfect palletization and the use of machinery that allows efficient handling. For example, plastic pallets are easy to handle, allow adequate palletizing that facilitates product handling.

Conservation with specialized transport is essential, they can be cold containers, with ventilation, etc. It all depends on the requirements, standards and type of product.

It is true that the cultivation process and the technology used in the process to produce fruits and vegetables is important, but it is useless if you forget the logistics. Part of it is storage and transportation. Two necessary strategic activities that need the right team and process to deliver a quality product and have a competitive service.

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