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Electric cars ruling the globe

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The transition to electric mobility remains uncertain in some countries because it is challenging to use electric vehicles in a city where there is no charging infrastructure or regulation to support electromobility.

Sales of electric vehicles in the world exceeded 6 million in 2021, more than 6 times that registered in 2017 and by the end of this year it is estimated that they could reach 10.5 million, but in emerging economies this transition is more gradually than in regions such as Europe.

For the president of the AMIA, it is essential that the federal authorities do their part for the change to cleaner energies in the mobility of the country, since it could fall further behind.

“The work with the authorities, especially the federal one, is essential, the one that is already connected to the public policies for electromobility, the one that defines the public infrastructure for electromobility, it is time,” he said.

In addition, he distinguished that the participation of our neighbors to the north, the United States and Canada, is necessary for them to participate by granting incentives from manufacturing to purchasing.

“The automotive industry in Mexico and in the rest of the world has had to adjust and work to get ahead of the difficulties and losses that arose in the pandemic, the new waves of infections and outbreaks of new variants of covid, the war between Ukraine and Russia, brings an increase in the price of raw materials, shortages in semiconductors and the effects of inflation are just some of the main challenges that we have located”, said Zozaya.

To this end, Zozaya affirmed this expected recovery in the supply of semiconductors and the determination of regulatory and financial environments, for which they are optimistic about a recovery by 2025.

Finally, the president of AMIA stressed that the automotive industry has "all the potential to continue being the engine of the economy in Mexico, but we need to continue collaborating and revealing the dialogue with the 3 levels of government and all sectors to continue promoting this." industry that contributes about 4% of GDP”.

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