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Logistical aspects that you should take into account when selling on a marketplace

Actualizado: 22 dic 2022

These are the logistical aspects that you should consider if you decide to get involved with one of the leading marketplaces in Latin America.

Sellers don't just need a place to sell. They need an environment. And that this place gives them tools to be able to sell more.

This is confirmed by the White Paper on Marketplaces in Mexico and Latin America published by the Mexican Association of Online Sales, which highlights that everything these sites do for sellers to offer their products will define the customer experience.

And all marketers fundamentally need is data.

Among this information is everything related to logistics, that is, what the site offers in terms of last mile, parcel delivery, transfer of goods to distribution centers, among other data.


In the case of Amazon, one of the leading firms on the AMVO marketplace list, it is vital that sellers understand logistics methods and understand the costs and value of the logistics service.

This marketplace has various logistics rates, the costs of which vary depending on the weight and dimension of each product sold and the storage space occupied by the inventory in the distribution center.

It's important to understand the time that businesses save by not having to provide customer service, as well as the value and upsell potential their products gain by becoming Prime.

Mercado Libre

For its part, Mercado Libre, another of the best-positioned marketplaces in Mexico and Latin America, handles two types of shipments: Dropshipping and MercadoEnvíos.

In the first, the seller must take the package to a branch, after generating a guide from one of the carriers. In the second, the inventory is in the Mercado Libre hubs, leaving this operation fully outsourced.


At Linio they apply a flexible logistics model, either dropshipping or using the storage service, “picking, packing and shipping” from the marketplace.

You can also use your own parcels or those from the marketplace, according to the AMVO text.


On eBay's logistics methods, the document highlights certain points to consider, among them the reference to define which countries to export to.

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